Pacific Northwest Weekly Feed

Portland, OR Tue Feb 1, 2022 USDA Market News

NOTICE: Starting the week of February 7 2022, all feedstuff market
information found on this report will be condensed into three national
feedstuff reports released on a weekly basis. The reports will be titled
"National Animal By-Product Feedstuffs," "Grain and Oilseed Processor
Feedstuff," and "Mill-Feeds and Miscellaneous Feedstuff." The data will be
collected and disseminated through AMS's Marketing Analysis and Reporting
Services (MARS) platform allowing for greater ease of data consumption,
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Pacific Northwest Weekly Feed
Wholesale Feedstuff Prices and Basis per ton bulk in truck or carlots,
delivered to the Northwest Coast.

47 pct Solvent Soybean Meal
Rail Pacific Northwest 498.00-515.00 up 44.00-45.00
Basis 62 to 79+H unch-up 1
Truck Willamette Valley 530.00-536.00 up 45.00-49.00
Basis 94 to 100+H up 1-5

34-36 pct Canola Meal
Rail Pacific Northwest 431.00-438.00 up 44.00-43.00
Basis -5 to 2+H unch-dn 1
Truck Willamette Valley 451.00-453.00 up 44.00-43.00
Basis 15 to 17+H unch-dn 1

46 to 50 pct Ruminant Meat and Bone Meal
FOB Pacific Northwest Plants 220.00-240.00 unch-up 20.00
Truck Willamette Valley 260.00-275.00 up 5.00

15 pct Suncured Alfalfa Pellets 375.00 unch

Wheat Millrun FOB Flour Mills western
Oregon and Washington
FOB Portland Flour Mills Ltd 282.00 up 7.00
Truck Willamette Valley Ltd 282.00 up 7.00
Burlington Northern Line from Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington
Rail Portland NA
Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington
FOB 165.00-170.00 unch

Whole Cottonseed
Rail Pacific Northwest 450.00-505.00 up 10.00-5.00
Truck Willamette Valley 485.00-570.00 up 10.00-5.00

Distillers Dried Grains
Nearby delivery
Rail Pacific Northwest mills 307.00-315.00 up 11.00-10.00
Truck Willamette Valley 322.00-345.00 up 6.00-24.00

Whole feeding grains in dollars per ton, bulk FOB Northwest Coast
US 2 48 LBS Barley
Rail Portland ltd 345.00 unch
Truck Willamette Valley ltd 345.00 unch

US 2 Yellow Corn
Truck North of Seattle NA
Basis NA
Truck Seattle area NA
Basis NA
Rail Portland area NA
Basis NA
Truck Willamette Valley NA
Basis NA
Truck Yakima Valley 292.50-301.00 up 5.25-4.50
Basis 184 to 208+H unch-dn 2

US 2 Heavy White Oats Truck NA

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Ltd = limited

Source: USDA Market News Service, Portland, OR
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