Soybean Morning Update

<font face="verdana"><b>Soybean Morning Update</b><br><br><u>QT News - Top News</u><br>-- Small Indonesia farmers have been staging protests against the government's palm oil export ban.&nbsp; The smaller producers are not protected by palm oil fruit price floors, and the larger mills have stopped buying palm fruit from farmers, analysts say the stoppage is likely because oil storage has been filled and there is no room for the fruit.&nbsp; The Indonesian President ratings have fallen also as cooking oil prices since the export ban have not fallen.<br>-- AmSpec Agri on Tuesday estimated Malaysian palm oil product exports in the May 1-15 period at 563,633 mt up +29% over the April 1-15 period<br>-- Monday's NOPA April 2022 US Soybean Crush: 169.788 million bushels; expected 172.370 mln bu.; prior month 181.759 mln bu<br>-- Monday's NOPA April 2022 US Soyoil Stocks: 1.819 billion lbs; expected 1.839 bln lbs; prior month 1.907 billion lbs<br><br><u>USDA Weekly Progress/Highlights</u><br></font><ul><li><font face="verdana">USDA Monday weekly crop progress report: Soybean planting progress at 30% complete compared to last week's 12% and year ago week 58%</font></li><li><font face="verdana">USDA Monday weekly crop progress report: Soybean emerged progress at 9% complete compared to last week's 3% and year ago week 19%</font></li><li><font face="verdana">USDA Monday weekly crop progress report: Cotton planting progress at 37% complete compared to last week's 24% and year ago week 36%</font></li></ul><font face="verdana"><br><u>Pending Tenders</u><br>NA<br><br><br>-- Euronext Paris August rapeseed futures on Tuesday are trading -9.25 euros lower at 870.25 euros/mt<br>-- Dalian July soybean futures on Tuesday traded -29 yuan lower ending at 6,274 yuan/mt; Sept soymeal futures rose +22 yuan ending at 4,128 yuan/mt<br>-- Dalian Sept vegoil futures on Tuesday traded lower, soyoil lost -40 yuan to end at 11,312 yuan/mt, palm oil dropped -136 yuan ending at 11,494 yuan/mt<br>-- Malaysian August crude palm oil futures on Tuesday traded -25 ringgit lower ending at 6,114 ringgit/mt<br>-- Malaysian June cash offers for RBD palm oil and olein on&nbsp; Tuesday traded +$5/mt higher ending at $1,632.50/mt and $1,635.00/mt, respectively<br>-- Outside markets. Crude Oil +$1.14 ; Gold +$15.50 ; Silver +26.9c ; US $ index -77 pts<br><br><br><u>QT News Cash Markets</u><br><br></font><div><font face="verdana"><img src=""></font></div><div><font face="verdana"><br></font></div><div><font face="verdana"><br></font></div><div><font face="verdana">LJ<br></font></div><font face="verdana"><br></font>