WWS: Canada Wheat Weather Outlook


Some more freezes are likely near the northeastern fringes of the region in the mornings Thursday and Friday. Dryness through Friday will benefit fieldwork progress. Rain shower activity Saturday and Sunday will then likely cause some brief pockets of fieldwork delays.

Past Weather

Precipitation in the Prairies was minimal Tuesday, but there were a few showers. Most of the resulting rainfall was not significant. Highest afternoon temperatures were in the 50s and 60s and lows this morning were mostly in the 30s and 40s. Hard freezes were noted in northern Saskatchewan with readings to 19 at Prince Alberta and to 23 at Melfort, Saskatchewan. Many lows in the north-central and northeast were in the middle and upper 20s.

Precipitation Forecast

Today through Friday will be dry
Rain showers will occur in at least part of the region daily Saturday through Tuesday
The rain will be greatest in the southwest Saturday and in central production areas Sunday
Rain showers Monday and Tuesday will then likely be lighter and more erratic
Total moisture will vary from:
A trace to 0.10 inch in the southeast, locally as much as 0.25 inch
0.10 to 0.50 inch in the southwest, locally as much as 0.75 inch in southern Alberta
0.05 to 0.35 inch elsewhere with a few locally greater amounts
Conditions will likely be mostly dry Sep. 23 - 24
Occasional rain shower activity will then likely occur in the region Sep. 25 - 30
Much of this will be erratic
A little wet snow may occur in the northwest as well

Temperature Forecast

High temperatures today will be in the 40s and 50s northeast and upper 60s and 70s southwest. Highs by Saturday will then be mostly in the 70s and lower 80s. Highs by Tuesday will be in the upper 50s and lower 60s northwest and upper 60s to lower 80s southeast.

Morning low temperatures Thursday and Friday will be in the lower to middle 30s northeast with a few upper 20s and mostly in the 40s southwest. Lows by Sunday will then be in the 40s and 50s. Lows Tuesday will be in the middle 30s to near or slightly above 40 northwest and in the 40s and lower 50s southeast.

Temperatures in the second week will likely be near average Sep. 23 followed by above to well above average readings Sep. 24 - 26 and then some cooling.


Not much rain will occur in the first week of the outlook which will be beneficial for fieldwork progress. Freezes will occur in the region Friday through Sunday with a few areas possibly receiving a hard freeze, especially in the mornings Saturday and Sunday.

Past Weather

Another mostly dry day occurred in Quebec and Ontario. There was one report of up to 0.12 inch of moisture in southeastern crop areas of Quebec near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.

Highest afternoon temperatures were in the 50s and 60s and lowest morning temperatures today were in the 50s and 60s.

Precipitation Forecast

Rain showers will occur tonight
Moisture totals will vary from a trace to 0.25 inch
Thursday through Tuesday will then be dry
Some more rain shower activity is likely Sep. 23 - 24
Another round of rain showers is possible Sep. 28 - 30
This may be the greatest rain of the next two weeks; though, confidence is low

Temperature Forecast

High temperatures will be in the 70s today. Highs Thursday through Sunday will then be in the 50s and lower 60s. Highs by Tuesday will be back to the 70s. Morning low temperatures Thursday will be in the 30s north and 40s south. Lows by Saturday and Sunday will be in the lower to middle 30s with a few extremes as low as 27 to 29 Fahrenheit. Lows Tuesday will be in the 40s, with a few upper 30s in southern Quebec.

Temperatures in the second week of the outlook will likely be above average Sep. 23 followed by near to below average readings Sep. 25 and then notable warming.