St. Louis Feedstuffs

Springfield, IL Thu, Nov 21, 2019 USDA-IL Dept of Ag Market News

Illinois Production Cost Report (Bi-weekly)

Production costs items state wide: cash prices bulk, FOB distributor,
per ton unless otherwise stated. Fertilizer in granular form unless noted.

Product Offer Average Change
Anhydrous ammonia 450.00-520.00 487.20 UNCH

Urea 46-0-0 365.00-418.00 384.60 UNCH

Liquid Nitrogen 28% spread 225.00-255.00 238.75 UNCH

DAP(Diammonium Phosphate 18%N 46%P) 405.00-450.00 429.75 UP 2.50

MAP (Monoammonium Phosphate 11%N 52%P) 405.00-460.00 427.50 UNCH

Potash (Potassium) 348.00-395.00 371.82 UNCH

Farm Diesel Fuel per gal <1000 gallons 2.27-2.67 2.47 DN 0.02

Source: USDA-IL Dept of Ag Market News Service, Springfield, IL
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In state only toll free 888-458-4787

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