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Commodity Cash Pricedelivery BasisFutures ChangeFutures PriceFutures Month
Location: Kentland
Wheat$5.18July 20-0.10green 3^2528^0Jul 2020
Corn$3.31Dec 19-0.35green 0^0366^2Dec 2019
Soybeans$8.71Jan 20-0.58green 0^0928^4Jan 2020
Location: Des Moines
Corn$3.10DEC 19-0.56green 0^0366^2Dec 2019
Corn$3.41N/C 19-0.25green 0^0366^2Dec 2019
Soybeans$8.73Jan 20-0.56green 0^0928^4Jan 2020
Soybeans$8.16Nov 20-0.60red -2^2875^6Nov 2020
Soybeans$8.44July 20-0.40green 1^6884^0Jul 2020
Location: Springfield
Wheat$4.94N/C 19-0.45red -0^2539^0Dec 2019
Corn$3.24Cash-0.42green 0^0366^2Dec 2019
Soybeans$8.64Jan 20-0.65green 0^0928^4Jan 2020
Location: Kansas
Kc wheat$3.88Dec 19-0.28red -12^0415^4Dec 2019
Kc wheat$4.09July 20-0.36green 7^0445^2Jul 2020
Kc wheat$3.72New Crop-0.44red -12^0415^4Dec 2019

Aug 07 2020 04:38 AM
Cash bids are based on 10-minute delayed futures prices,
unless otherwise noted. Cash Bids are subject to change without notice.

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